Facebook firings – Employees use social media like Facebook and Twitter to vent about their jobs, and employers often retaliate with termination. But employers need to ensure they are not breaking the law for such firings. “A new analysis by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of more than a hundred charges recently filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) involving social media and the workplace. Many of the complaints filed with the federal agency were brought by workers who felt they were illegally let go or otherwise disciplined for their Facebook musings. Others alleged that their companies had “overly broad” policies regarding social media that undercut their rights as workers.”
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Social media and workers comp – Workers’ Comp Insider looks at how social media being used in fraud investigations.
The use of social media at the workplace is on the rise – A recent survey by Robert Half reveals that more than half of those employers surveyed allow some form of social media use at work if it is work-related, up 19% from 2009. But 32% still prohibit social media use at work.
Social media incidents cost the typical company $4 million over past 12 months – according to security specialist Symanatec’s 2011 Social Media Protection Flash Poll, leaked data, litigation and other problems related to lax social media policies are costing employers dearly.
Excuse me?Workplace incivility is a growing problem, according to researchers at the American Psychological Association. “The academics define workplace incivility as “a form of organizational deviance… characterized by low-intensity behaviors that violate respectful workplace norms, appearing vague as to intent to harm.” Research reveals that 75% to 80% of people have experienced this type of incivility at work.
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