Human Resource Executive lists what it considers to be the leading Web sites and blogs for HR professionals today in a compilation by Tom Starner – and we were pleased and honored to discover that HR Web Cafe has made this list – we appreciate being included among such great sites. Check out the list – your bookmarking finger should get some exercise with this list of 10 general sites and 10 blogs – we know our day is shot now since we’ll be doing some heavy surfing to check out these good links.
And speaking of good sites, it’s time to update our blogroll with some of our recent blog discoveries. Just a reminder – if you haven’t noticed our sidebar, we have a growing compilation of blogs, tools, widgets, and general HR resources. We’ll no doubt be adding some from HRE’s “best of” lists soon, too.
The Cenek Report, which bills itself as “Uncommon Commentary on the World of Work,” is authored by Robert Cenek, a 30-year HR pro whose career includes positions at large organizations such as Bristol-Myers and General Mills. A sampling of recent posts that we liked from his thoughtful and stylish blog include:
Workforce at Circuit City Gets Short Circuited Again
More Fiction About Generational Differences
Another View on Web Usage At Work
The Group Guy is an informative blog by by Dan Buckle, health and welfare consultant, billed as “Independent Thought On Employee Benefit Matters For Employers.” A sampling of recent posts we liked include:
Rx Plan Design and Diabetes
The Cost of Unhealthy Behavior: Got Wellness?
The Black Hole in Your Benefit Plan
Evil HR Lady is the entertaining and informative blog of an HR professional in a Fortune 500 Company. Her blog title sets the tone. Some recent posts we liked include:
Circuit City’s Mistake
Business Decisions, or what to do when you discover you are riding a dead horse.
One Size Fits All – what gas masks and benefit plans often have in common.


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