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Your EAP is here for you in these difficult times. Your EAP benefits are available to you 24/7/365 should you need counseling, coaching or support for stress, grief, financial concerns, family and relationship issues.

NEW! We’ve also launched an online COVID-19 Resource Center to ensure that you get the information, resources, and help that you need. Here’s a quick overview of some of the major features available: COVID pandemic resources • Departments of Health links by state • Tools for employees & managers working remotely • Resources supporting at-home children, older adults & caregivers • Help for financial stress & achieving financial stability • Resources to address your emotional wellbeing and developing resilience • Information from our blogs and newsletters • Webinars and trainings • Resources in Spanish • Support for First Responders • Resources for Military personnel & their families.

Simply log in to www.theEAP.com/TotalCare-EAP and click on the Employee & Family login in the top menu bar. To speak to a counselor or to arrange for coaching, call 800-252-4555.

Planning for a Positive Future

In addition to the stress and health worries, for many, the coronavirus has effectively shut our outside and community lives down. If you are sheltering from home and time is weighing heavily on your hands, why not turn a negative into a positive by devoting some of that time to personal and professional self-development? Here are some of the many training resources that you can access at the EAP website.

  • COVID-19 Resource Center offers resources to help you cope and deal productively with working remotely, from setting up a remote workspace and holding successful conference calls to working within and managing virtual teams.
  • Your EAP Training Center includes hundreds of online courses, tutorials, exercises and worksheets, all designed to help you assess personal skills, set objectives and attain goals.
  • Personal Finance Education Center includes 200 tutorials covering a wide range of money issues. Just some of the topics covered are: budgeting, saving, credit, retirement, home buying and more.
  • If you are a supervisor or hope to become one, access an entire online curriculum of supervisory training resources to develop the key management skills. There are dozens of courses in the following disciplines: Regulatory Compliance; Core Competencies; Advanced Supervisory Skills; and Team Leadership.

To learn more and explore your options, simply log in to www.theEAP.com/TotalCare-EAP and click on the Training Center. Or if you need help, call 800-252-4555 to talk to someone about your personal development options.

Bolster Your Health

If your activities are limited, it’s more important than ever to maintain a healthy routine. Eat well, exercise regularly, maintain good sleep habits, and manage stress and anxiety. Your online Wellness Center offers resources for exercising and fitness, eating healthy, balancing nutrition, learning how to manage stress and quitting unhealthy habits. And you can access thousands of articles, videos and tools on medical and health topics as varied as cardio health, eye care, medical conditions, pregnancy and childbirth, men’s health and safety – there’s even a collection of recipes if you want to try something new. You can also call 800.252.4555 and ask to speak to a Wellness Coach for one-on-one telephonic coaching.

Twitter for Wellness

For ongoing healthy tips and tools, follow @WellnessESI, our health and wellness Twitter account. Even if you aren’t a member of Twitter, you can click the link to see posts. We post new items several times a week about fitness, exercise, diet, nutrition, recipes, stress, coronavirus and more.

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