Inclusivity & Fairness at Work

Promoting diversity in the workplace is crucial for creating a welcoming environment that fosters collaboration and innovation. Creating an inclusive climate is something that is not just the responsibility of management or HR – it’s up to all of us.  June is an important month for diversity. First, it’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of the LGBTQ+ community. Second, June also features our newest national holiday, Juneteenth, which is celebrated on June 19th to commemorate the end of slavery in the United States. It’s an excellent time to think about how we can all contribute to building an inclusive and fair workplace. Here are steps you can take to help make your workplace more diverse and inclusive:

  • Educate yourself: Take the time to learn about different cultures, perspectives, and experiences. Attend workshops, read books, and listen to podcasts to broaden your knowledge. Look for festivals, too – food and music are a fun way to learn more about a culture.
  • Learn what discrimination and harassment are. Visit your ESI Training Center for courses you can take. See our training suggestions related to diversity below.
  • If you see something, say something. If you hear or see something that is offensive, discriminatory, or unfair, speak up and address it. Silence can be seen as acceptance, so it’s important to be an ally and advocate for marginalized populations. Report on-the-job bullying or harassment that you experience or observe to HR.

    Men’s Health and Tips for Dad!

    What better way to commemorate Father’s Day than to look after Dad’s health? June is designated as
    Men’s Health Month. The purpose of dedicating a month to this theme is to raise awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. And while it’s good to think of Dad and his health, why not encourage any of the men you care about to get a health screening? Getting recommended screenings is one of the most important actions men can take for their health. Depending on age and medical history, screenings might include checking for certain types of cancer; high blood pressure; high cholesterol; diabetes; sexually transmitted diseases (STDs); and mental health conditions, such as depression and PTSD. Here are some tips for Dads…and all guys.

    • Get screened: The Men’s Health Network offers a downloadable one-page Checkup and Screening Guidelines for
      that tells which screenings to have, and when.
    • Get one-to-one professional coaching through your EAP: Get help for stress management, resilience, nutrition, and
      fitness. Call 800.252.4555 to talk about Coaching options.
    • Don’t forget mental health. Call 800.252.4555 anytime day or night for in-the-moment counseling help from your EAP.
    • Log in to your EAP Self-Help Resource Center. Access health screenings, trainings, and resources on virtually any health topic or concern.

    Training: Focus on Diversity

    This month, we’ve selected courses that focus on diversity and inclusion. We have thousands of E-Learning lessons on a wide range of topics. Search for more by clicking on “Member Login” at, and when you are signed in, click on the comprehensive training library in the “Training Center.”  

    • Being an Ally at Work: 10 Tips to Live By | Course ID: SVL_1020876
      This 9-minute video defines what it means to be an ally and why it’s important in the modern workforce. Learn 10 ways to actively practice allyship, from being respectful to standing up for what’s right and much more.  
    • Respect at Work: Diversity | Course ID: SVL_1027020
      Learn the value of diversity in the workplace in this 8-minute video that offers helpful hints for achieving a positive, open-minded attitude toward diversity at work.
    • Seeing Is Believing: Anti-Racism, Equity & Inclusion in a Diverse Workplace | Course ID: SVL_073033
      This 26-minute video lesson offers potential responses to: Unconscious Bias, Cultural Competency & Inclusion, Racism & Racial Identity, Forms of Racism, Civility, Equity, & Respect, and LGBTQ+ at Work.

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    Don’t Forget!

    EAP services are available to you and your household members as well as dependent children living away from home, up to age 26. 

    ESI EAP’s Featured June Webinar

    The Facts About PTSD – Every month, a webinar and related resources are featured at the top of the member site. Simply log in to during the month of June to explore the resources or take the webinar.

    More June Events:

    Accessing Your EAP Training Center

     1. Go to and       
          click Member Login.

    2. If you’ve already created an           
         account, log in with your User       

    3. If it’s your first time, click                   
         REGISTER to create your User 
         Name and Password. You only 
         need to register once.

    4. Click the ‘Training Center’ and 
          then choose ‘Comprehensive 
          Training library

    5. In the Search bar at the top of the 
         screen, type the course code or 
         search for a topic.

    6. Click the course icon, and click the 
    Play’ or ‘Start’ button to begin.

    To get a certificate: View the course and take the quiz. Not all courses require a quiz, but if so, you must score at least 80% for a certificate. To get your certificate, click on the ribbon icon below the right corner of the video. The certificate will download to your computer. | 800.252.4555

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