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We’ve checked with our counselors to learn common questions they’ve been asked by our Members. We offer this sampling of frequent questions and answers that might be helpful to you, too!

It’s been two years – when will I stop grieving?

There’s no set timeline for grief and no rights or wrongs. While there are some commonalities, everyone’s healing process is different. Grief over loss of a child, a spouse or a parent can be particularly intense. If grief is dominating your life or if you feel you are stuck on a treadmill, you might benefit by ongoing counseling or participating in a grief support network. Give us a call 24/7.

Can I afford to buy this house?  Buying a house is a big commitment, often spanning 20 or 30 years so do your research! If you have a good credit score, stable income, good budget discipline and some savings, it’s worth exploring. We have hundreds of calculators and articles on your EAP website allowing you to test various financial scenarios and conduct rent / buy analyses.  Also, your EAP gives you access to certified coaches who can help you learn more about the home buying process, credit, financing and more.

Should I get a divorce? While there are some questions that nobody can answer but you, experienced counselors can help you think through important life decisions. Often, even the most troubled marriages can be saved through couples counseling. When a relationship with a life partner falters, it can really throw everything else in life out of sync. Explore our many online resources for interpersonal and family relationships to learn how to productively manage disputes, improve communications and find resources for getting help if problems persist.

Do I need a lawyer? Trouble with a landlord, a dispute with neighbors or an unresolved problem with an expensive purchase – do you need a lawyer? Maybe, but first explore your online legal center to see if you can find an answer to your problem. The legal library includes Will templates, contract samples and more. Our Members are also eligible for a free legal consultation, as well as referrals and discounts should you decide you need to retain an attorney.

Am I normal?  We get many question on the “what’s normal” theme: Do I drink too much? Why do I get so angry? Is it normal to feel this depressed? Everyone has times when their usual coping mechanisms fail. Our online Emotional Wellbeing resources let you confidentially explore anxiety, depression, stress and other mental health issues. You can also take self-assessments and quizzes.

How can I get along better with my boss? Your EAP has online articles, tools and training programs to help you improve your communications skills and get along better with your manager, your colleagues and your customers. There are also courses focused on professional development to help you grow and work to your career goals. Check out our free online trainings or save on degree programs.  They are available 24-7 so set your own schedule and pace.

Remember, our counselors are available 24/7!

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