Be the Civility You Wish to See

If you’ve felt like people seem angrier in recent years, you’re not necessarily wrong! Since the pandemic, it feels as if everyone has a hair-trigger temper. Plus, it doesn’t help that we are currently in a heated election year. If you are fed up with all the rage and long for more civility, the change starts with you. Here are “9 Civility & Respect” tips you can practice when facing disagreements or potential conflict at work and at home.

  1. Keep respect in the forefront. It might sound simplistic, but practicing the Golden Rule should be your baseline behavior.
  2. Give people the benefit of the doubt. People who think differently than you are not bad or evil. Plus, you don’t know what 
          life burdens they may be carrying. Avoid judgmental thinking.
  3. Focus on areas of agreement and common ground rather than divisions. Learn to separate the action/issue from the
         person. Focus on shared goals and professionalism.
  4. Aim to resolve, not to win. In any disagreement, your goal shouldn’t be to win an argument but to find alignment
         and mutual goals.
  5. Learn to really listen. Don’t assume or jump to conclusions. Clarify what you’ve heard by using a feedback loop and
         rephrasing what you hear. Avoid interrupting.
  6. Don’t hit below the belt. Don’t accuse or exploit weaknesses or sensitivities. Don’t try to score points. Offer reassurance of
         continued regard. Try practicing the Grandmother rule: Would you be comfortable saying this in front of your Grammy? If
         not, think twice!
  7. It’s not just about you. Try not to personalize what you hear and to listen for the other person’s thoughts,
         feelings, and needs.
  8. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Shrug off petty annoyances. Don’t nurture grudges. Forgive and forget.
  9. Stay in control. Use words to express your feelings, not actions. If you feel your anger or emotions rising, lower the
         temperature by taking a break, If you know you are quick to anger or “rise to the bait” take an EAP anger management
         course or call a counselor/coach at 800-252-4555 24/7/365 for help.

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