Make 2023 A Year of Positive Change

Change is good. It keeps life from becoming monotonous, it builds resilience, it helps us grow, and it’s vital if we want to reach new goals. But let’s be honest, change isn’t easy. It is sometimes scary, and it often happens whether we’re ready or not.

Every new year, about 40% of Americans embrace change by making resolutions for the year ahead. The most popular resolutions center around doing better with money and building healthier habits. Other resolutions include working to achieve personal and professional goals, such as learning a new skill or improving a relationship. But despite our good intentions, fewer than 12% of those resolutions stick. Your EAP offers a secret weapon that can help: tap into the expertise of Counselors and Coaches who are experts in change. They can help you stay on track and make it more likely that you will succeed. Here are some examples of how we can help:

  • Take more control of your money.  Learn about budgeting, credit, debt, and money management with Certified Financial Coaching.  Coaches can even help you manage Student Debt.
  • Exercise more, eat healthier, or achieve some other fitness goal.  Whatever your personal fitness goals are, Certified Wellness Coaching can help you make a solid plan to get there and support you throughout your journey.
  • Get along better with others. Coaching in Effective Communication can help you strengthen your emotional intelligence and improve interpersonal communication skills both at work and at home. 
  • Reduce stress and learn to relax. Coaching can help you manage stress, learn about the benefits of yoga and meditation, or help you achieve a better balance between your work and family life.
  • Attain a personal goal. Want to buy a home, plan for retirement, or succeed as a supervisor? Coaching can help.
  • Resolve a nagging personal problem. Counseling can help you with unresolved problems related to mental health, relationships, and more. Make this the year to address a problem that has been worrying you.

In addition to Coaching and Counseling, tap into thousands of online videos, articles, calculators, self-assessments, and online courses to help support your change goals, whether those goals are professional or personal.

    What Great Thinkers Have to Say About Change

    • “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”Winston Churchill

    • “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”Socrates

    • “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”John D. Rockefeller

    • “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”John C. Maxwell

    Training Picks

    To support your change goals, choose from thousands of online E-Learning courses, many of them in short micro-learning bursts you can take at your convenience. New topics are added every month so check back often. Log in at and click on the comprehensive training library in the “Training Center.”

    • NEW!  Five Days of Fitness | Course ID: SVL_074121
      Take this entire 84-minute course at once or click the highlighted text under the video to break
      it up into 9 shorter clips of individual workouts, plus warming up and cooling down.
    • People Matter! Connecting Ethics and Respect in the Workplace | Course ID: SVL_061135
      Ethics is about respect, whether it’s a policy, person, property, or organization. This 21-minute course focuses on people and respect.
    • Cutting Edge Success at Work: Be Confident and Assertive | Course ID: SVL_066143_NQ
      In this 11-minute video, learn how to not only speak with confidence but to also overcome personal blocks and barriers.

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      Money may be tight after the holidays so be sure to check out your Lifestyle Savings Benefit for discounts, rewards and perks for products and services. These include Health & Wellness, Auto, Electronics, Apparel, Restaurants, Beauty & Spa, Flowers & Gifts, Sports & Fitness and much more!

      Healthy January Happenings

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