Inspiration comes in many forms and sometimes that’s the form of a dancing doc. Tony Adkins shows us that in our daily work, we hold the power to bring joy to the people whose lives we touch.

Today is World Kindness Day and we think this is the perfect topic.

Many of the kids at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County face grim illnesses, pain and surgeries that no child should have to face. But despite the challenges they face, they often find themselves dancing and singing, thanks to Tony Adkins, whose colleagues call him “Dancing Doc.” In finding a way to bring joy and fun to his patients and their families, he’s an embodiment of the power of positivity, creativity and human kindness. Watch a few of his videos – it will brighten your day to see how the kids respond, guaranteed.

He’s been known to sport a tutu to keep his patients smiling, but more often he is in his hospital whites with bright, cheery colored shirts and ties underneath. A physician assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County’s neurosurgery department, he’s found a way to inspire and motivate his young patients, their parents and his colleagues. You can see more or follow him on his Facebook page.

He shows the power that one person has to make a difference. Maybe dancing isn’t your thing but use his example to find creative ways to delight and connect with others in meaningful ways while on the job.


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