Every HR manager deals with it: the retirement of a long-valued employee. But what happens when it’s the company CEO? To get a window on what that’s like, here’s a short video case study: Bill Gates’ last full day at work. Hat tip to HR Lori for the link. Lori often has very useful advice. We particularly liked her method for determining when a meeting has run it’s course.
This story may start your weekend with a smile. Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert have traveled more than 10,000 miles visiting more than 34 countries, all with one purpose: to take pictures of people wearing silly hats made out of balloons. And the purpose? Simply to make people laugh and have fun. We ascribe to that philosophy!
Who can’t relate to this? Just another day at the office…
Ever feel that bureaucracy has you running around in circles? If so, here’s a brilliant piece of artwork for your desk.
And in the indispensable online tools department, we give you the Bureau of Workplace Interruptions.


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