HMO rap – Health care benefits are increasingly complex. Explaining health care plans can pose a challenge to benefits managers everywhere. But take heart, now there is the HMO rap.
Soul-crushing jobs – Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like an insignificant little cog in a wheel? This photo essay on endless assembly lines and giant cafeterias in China might help to put things in perspective.
Still feeling badly about your job? Check out The Worst Jobs in Science, 2007. Popular Science issues this list annually as a salute to “the men and women who do what no salary can adequately reward.” Next time you are having a bad day, you can console yourself with the fact that your career path did not lead you to whale-feces research or serving as a gravity research subject.
Fantasy work stations – Does your work station need a bit of a face lift? Maybe this ergonomic chair would help ease that back strain a bit. Although this nifty litle workstation is nice, too. Decisions, decisions.


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