Normally, we’d be celebrating sarcastic Wednesday today, but since everyone seems to be wearing their party hats already for the Thanksgiving holiday, we thought it might be a good time to bring you a few of the items from the lighter side that we’ve been collecting for just such an occasion.
A few items from the “we’ve come a long way” department:
First, we take a look at women in the workplace, 1943-style – a few helpful tips on hiring women transportation workers. We particularly like the advice to make allowances for womanly psychology by giving sufficient breaks so that women can tidy their hair and apply fresh lipstick several times a day.
Next, we have this rather disturbing account about a treatment for depression in England around the 16th or 17 century. Hint: it involved blacksmiths.
From the “while you were away” department, another reminder that when you are vacationing, your cubicle is at the mercy of your coworkers and subject to their creative excesses.
From the why I got fired department.
And a few holiday diversions:


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