If you have a 4-day holiday weekend this week for Thanksgiving, you really do have something to be thankful for. The Bloomberg BNA’s 2015 Thanksgiving Holiday Practices Survey reports that: “While more than seven out of 10 surveyed employers have scheduled paid days off for both Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday, 36 percent of all responding organizations will require at least some employees to work on the national holiday, up slightly from 33 percent in 2014.”

The most likely people who must keep the home fires burning while the rest of us chow down include security and public safety workers, service and maintenance staff and technicians, according to BNA. We’d add retail workers – there’s an unfortunate trend toward getting a jump start on Black Friday by opening stores on Thursday. We say thumbs down to this, we like a leisurely holiday with a focus on family, food and football. But to all you people who must work: a hearty thank you!

You can see more data in the infographic below.

If you are going to be one of the 47 million people who take to the highway traveling to friends or family, here are some best and worst driving times.

We tend to think of our Thanksgiving meals as traditional, but tradition actually varies depending on where you live. In the northeast, folks love squash as a side dish and in the south, it’s mac & cheese. Pumpkin pie is universally popular, as is turkey. About 90 percent of us opt for turkey on Thanksgiving, which translates to about 46 million turkeys. Curiously, that’s pretty close to the number of drivers!

Find out who eats what and where: Here’s What Your Part Of America Eats On Thanksgiving and learn more surprising turkey facts so you can amaze your family at the dinner table and be ready to change the topic if things get heated over politics or football.



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