Looking for some dependable, disciplined, team players who are experienced at performing under pressure? You can’t do better than hiring a veteran. And if you hire a qualified veteran who begins work before January 1, 2013, you may be eligible for a tax credit. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a provision in the VOW to Hire Heroes Act 2011 that allows employers to claim the WOTC for qualified veterans. Credits can range as high as $9,600 per qualified veteran for for-profit employers or up to $6,240 for qualified tax-exempt organizations. There are a number of factors that determine the credit amount, including the length of the veteran’s unemployment before hire, the number of hours the veteran works, and the veteran’s first-year wages. Learn more about potential tax credits for hiring veterans from the IRS.

Here are a few resources:

CareerOneStop – Hiring resources for businesses and human resources managers.

Workplace Warriors: The Corporate Response to Deployment and Reintegration (PDF)
Highlighting Best Practices in Human Resources and Disability Management
Employers can help America’s heroes succeed in the workplace by offering employee assistance and mentoring programs, advised the Workplace Warrior Think Tank – the first-of-its-kind group launched by the Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC), the leading developer of employee health and productivity strategies, and three of the nation’s leading disability insurers – The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., MetLife and Unum.

For Employers: Helping Employees Reintegrate into Civilian Employment
A veteran’s return to work following a deployment or mobilization is an employment transition, and he or she often brings new skills of leadership, teamwork and a broadened perspective that can be invaluable to your organization. Additionally, like any other employee making a transition, a veteran’s transition may face some unusual circumstances. This resource helps employers understand how to help ease the reintegration of veterans in a number of ways.

Tips for Workforce Professionals on Assisting Veterans in the Job Search Process
Connect veterans, transitioning service members, and their families with career planning, training, job search, and other resources to help smooth their transition to civilian life.

Returning service members face the challenge of reintegration in the family, the workplace, the community. Some will face the special challenges of coping with physical or psychological wounds, such as PTSD. ESI EAP offers members a variety of services addressing the challenges of military deployment. We also have resources for employers. To learn more about how ESI EAP can help, give us a call: 800-535-4841.


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