There are all kinds of reasons that people can have trouble coping with the holidays. In a short video clip from Good Morning America, psychologist Dr. Ryan Fuller talks about several, ranging from family dynamics and financial stress to changes in schedule and poor diet/drinking factors. See tips for beating the holiday blues, which offers a few good rules of thumb:

  • Don’t Take On Too Much
  • Keep Some Semblance of a Routine
  • Give Yourself Some Space
  • Don’t Drink Too Much
  • Honor Loved Ones

For some, the holidays can serve as a trigger exacerbating some other issue. To help you and your employees survive the next few weeks, we’ve compiled a list of tips for handling various stressors and problems.
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Financial stress is a big issue at this time of year. The following resources are not specific to the holidays, but helpful in addressing the financial stress that can accompany the holidays.
Coping in Hard Times: Fact Sheet for Parents (PDF)
Dollars and sense: Talking to your children about the economy


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