Heightened EAP Communications Improve Productivity and the Return on Your EAP Investment


EAP-Heightened-Communications-BetterUtilization-400x427Given the success that employers can realize by reducing employee productivity losses through the services of EAP, it would follow that employers should be doing all they can to encourage and channel employees to use their EAP services. However, utilization statistics do not bear this out. On average, EAPs see an employee utilization rate of between 3 percent and 5 percent, falling far short of the roughly 20 percent (or 1 in five employees) who could benefit by the services. This utilization gap represents an untapped productivity loss reduction for employers – not to mention the burdens that could be eased for the respective employees by problem resolution.

Employee awareness can be enhanced with consistent communications that describe all the available EAP benefits and services. In addition, including messaging that EAP services are confidential is key to achieving maximum utilization.


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