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Our Member Benefits Include…

Telephonic Counseling

Get telephonic counseling 24/7 with Masters and Ph.D. clinical counselors who provide in-the-moment counseling and referral to local resources. You and your immediate family members (spouse, dependent children up to age 26, life partner, or anyone who lives with you) are eligible for telephonic counseling and short-term, in-person counseling.

Personal Counseling

All counseling begins with a phone call and calls are answered 24/7/365 by experienced counselors, not call center staff or automated systems. Our Masters and Ph.D. level clinical counselors will provide you with in-the-moment help and, often, they can resolve your issue. If not, they will work with you to determine the right counseling option and refer you to the one that best fits your needs and lifestyle. These therapy options include text, voice, and video messaging, telehealth, and local in-person therapy. To supplement our proprietary counseling services, we’ve built a referral network of thousands of private practice providers located throughout the U.S. and Canada, including premiere specialty providers, as well as Talkspace and BetterHelp. In addition to mental health counseling, you can access family, couple, and teen counseling, and counselors with expertise in issues for veterans, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+.

ESI Employee Assistance Group routinely measures employee satisfaction with our counseling services, and we consistently maintain a record of 98%+ Member satisfaction.

We also offer self-help therapeutic alternatives. Our Member website offers private access to thousands of self-help articles, assessments, videos, and information resources. You also have access to the Talkspace Go Therapy App with 400+ self-guided and interactive therapy sessions covering a range of topics, from anxiety and work stress to parenting and relationship issues, as well as live weekly therapist-led anonymous classes on topics like burnout and depression.

Peak Performance Coaching

Achieve your life goals at work and at home! Benefits include one-on-one telephonic coaching from Certified Coaches combined with structured, online trainings. Coaching is delivered by Masters or Ph.D. level Coaches in scheduled telephonic coaching sessions to review key concepts of the trainings and implementation of skills. Coaches use a solution-focused approach to improve current and future performance.

Coaching topics include Certified Financial Coaching • Balancing Life at Work and Home • Resilience • Effective Communication • Home Purchase • Student Debt • Relaxation for Beginners • Workplace Conflict • Retirement • Succeeding as a Supervisor

Legal Services

Access professional legal services for any issues unrelated to employment or medical concerns. Get one free legal consultation per legal issue with an attorney. If you need to retain an attorney, a referral is made to an expert private attorney at a 25% discount on the hourly rate. You can also access an extensive legal library, including Will templates; forms for consumer, creditor, healthcare, childcare, eldercare, landlord/tenant issues and pet agreements; contract samples; and hundreds of articles.

Personal Finance & Education

Get comprehensive professional credit counseling to help you develop a budget and/or debt restructuring plans. ESI also has internet-based services in our Personal Finance & Education Center, including more than 200 online courses, financial calculators, budget templates, trainings and an entire resource center, Tools for Tough Times, to help our Members cope with today’s financial pressures. You can also get no-cost financial consultation services with CPAs and Certified Financial Planners. Typical matters include tax planning and retirement and college planning questions. Financial planners can be retained at a discounted monthly rate.

Child & Elder Care

ESI provides unlimited consultation and referral service for elder care and childcare needs. Access specialists to assess your individual circumstances and provide support, education, and appropriate referrals.

Caregiver Benefits

Caregiving can be one of life’s most challenging issues. With Caregiver Benefits, access counselors with special training to get help finding local resources and information on medical and home care needs.

Training & Personal Development

The ESI Online Training Center provides you the opportunity to improve and be more effective at home and at work 24/7. The center includes an extensive library of eLearning courses, trainings, and videos. Subjects cover the entire spectrum of employee development including Management skills, Communication, Information Technology, Safety, HR Compliance, Sales, and Customer Service. Other compliance content includes Violence in the Workplace, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination, and Alcohol and Substance Abuse Training. Managers and supervisors can sharpen their management skills with courses on such topics as Coaching Skills, Team Building, Problem Solving, Leadership, Stress, and Delegation.

Self-help Resources

ESI delivers more to help employees resolve their individual issues. Access thousands of trustworthy articles, videos and tools in our updated Self-Help Resources, with easier navigation and search, new content, and Learning Centers on popular topics such as gratitude, goal setting, communication, sleep, building resilience, and more. Other topics include:

● Mindfulness ● Adoption & Child Care ● Personal Finance & Budgeting ● Emotional Wellbeing ● Parenting & Relationships ● Pets ● Physical Health & Wellness ● Legal Issues ● Loss and Grief ● Stress, Anger, Anxiety & Depression ● Elder Care & Child Care Locators ● Workplace & Family Violence ● Work-Life Balance ● Wills and Other Legal Forms ● Training & Development ● Digital Wellness ● Disaster Prep and Response

Wellness Center

Your Wellness Resource Center contains the latest, most reliable articles, videos, and self-assessments for dealing with stress, diet, fitness and smoking to help you reduce health risks and increase your overall wellbeing.

Lifestyle Savings Benefits

Access thousands of discounts, rewards, and perks from national brand names in a variety of categories: Health & Wellness, Auto, Electronics, Apparel, Restaurants, Beauty & Spa, Flowers & Gifts, Sports & Fitness and more!

Personal Assistant

Everyday issues can disrupt an employee’s productivity. Members can call or email ESI’s Personal Assistant for help with day-to-day problems. Help is available for hundreds of issues, including finding a local medical or dental provider, consumer law and consumer rights. scholarships and financial aid. summer camp options, and more.

Stress Assessment & Services

Everyone experiences stress. If you suffer from acute stress, access a specialized Stress Assessment and remediation program. The program includes a thorough assessment, identification of critical stressors. counseling intervention, and customized stress reduction strategies tailored to your needs.

Adoption Counseling

Access an adoption counselor to get help through the various stages and types of adoptions. This includes an adoption guide and referrals to adoption agencies, attorneys, and adoption support organizations. An adoption specialist will provide counseling throughout the adoption process.

Children with Disabilities Benefits

ESI also provides Children with Disabilities Benefits for Members who have a child with a disability. A counselor conducts a full needs assessment, discusses options, makes referrals to community resources – and provides ongoing counseling and support

Pet Information

Pets are family members, too! Visit our Pet Help Resource Center links and articles on a variety of pet-related matters. Our pet care specialists can answer questions about pet health, behavior, and training.


Get the convenience and privacy of 24/7 access to all EAP benefits and services at your fingertips with the EAP smartphone app. The app offers all the same great tools, benefits and resources that are accessible via computer, but in a more mobile-friendly format. The app is downloadable free for iOS and Android.

Work/Life Benefits

Juggling work with the demands of family and personal issues can be difficult. With our Work/Life Benefits, get help and expert resources to address the challenges and concerns of daily living. Some of the most common Work/Life issues that our Members face are: Parenting • Childcare and daycare • Aging issues and elder care • Health and wellness • Legal problems and family law • Debt and debt restructuring • Financial planning • Education and tuition planning • Real estate and tenant/landlord concerns • Estate planning, probate, and wills Much more.

Wellness Coaching

Engage with a Wellness Coach to improve your health and wellbeing. Almost two-thirds of Members who engage with a Coach ultimately reach their wellness goals. Wellness Coaching includes one-on-one coaching and counseling from an integrated team of coaches and clinicians for Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Stress, Tobacco Cessation and Drugs & Alcohol.

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