Here’s our 2022 holiday survival toolkit to give you and your employees helpful tips & tools to get through the holiday season happily and safely!

Holidays are a time of festivity, family, and happiness  for many, but they can also be super stressful. This year, in addition to lingering health concerns, we’re all coping   with high inflation, climbing prices, and the need to make money stretch. Plus, although it’s normal for families to have disagreements, lately there are many divisive issues that can be the fly in the ointment at a family gathering. There’s pressure to overeat, over imbibe, and overspend, all in the name of having a good holiday,  Plus, let’s not forget – there are many among us who can’t enjoy the holidays for a variety of reasons, such as the recent loss of a loved one, an illness, loneliness, or being apart from loved ones.

We’ve compiled our 2022 holiday survival toolkit to offer resources and tips to help you have as happy, healthy, and stress-free a holiday as possible. We remind our Members that your EAP is available 24-7-365 for help with any difficulties you may experience. Call for counseling or coaching to deal with grief, stress, maintaining health and fitness, coping with budgets and finances, family and relationship dynamics, and more!

Note: While we’ve aimed for free and accessible resources, some links may require registration.

Managing money, finance & going green

Managing stress

Staying healthy & well

Keeping a Sober Season

Family Matters

Holidays after a divorce

Handling special situations

Navigating holidays at the workplace

Keeping safe

Maintaining cyber security & avoiding scams

Giving charitable gifts and donations


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