The Employee Engagement Program

ESI Employee Assistance Group, the nation’s most effective EAP, now offers an exclusive Employee Engagement Program.

Our program improves recruiting and hiring, reduces turnover, increases the personal and professional performance of your employees and strengthens overall engagement.

Program Components include:

Best Practice Learning Center

A Best Practice Learning Center for Managers and Supervisors that includes three separate sections containing tutorials, checklists, PowerPoint Presentations and Skillsoft trainings that help improve:

  • Recruiting & Interviewing Skills
  • Onboarding & Development Best Practices
  • Employee Engagement

ESI Knowledge Center

The ESI Knowledge Center Delivers Maximum Engagement Improvement.

State-of-the-art online Knowledge Center to improve the overall personal and professional performance of all participating employees:

  • Over 55 online training courses and programs to build business skills
  • Over 40 online trainings to improve personal performance at work and at home
  • Over 80 management development trainings for managers
  • Over 40 Compliance, Safety & Transportation Trainings
  • Over 60 (28.5 credit hours) HRCI approved (SPHR and PHR) courses
  • Over 100 courses available in Spanish

This level of quality training is almost always prohibitively expensive for most mid-size employers, but ESI makes it an affordable solution.

Dedicated ESI Consultant

The program is supported by a dedicated Consultant to direct your organization in finding the trainings or training schedule to maximize your employee development and engagement.


Certified Wellness Coaching

Employees and their family members who engage with a Wellness Coach improve their health and almost two-thirds reach their wellness goals.

Wellness Coaching includes:

  • One-on-one coaching and counseling from an integrated team of coaches and clinicians
  • Coaching for Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Stress, Tobacco Cessation and Drugs & Alcohol
  • Frequent messages via our Automated Digital Communication System to create awareness of behavioral health risks

Peak Performance Coaching

ESI is the only EAP that provides an entire menu of coaching opportunities to help employees and their family members achieve life goals at work and at home! These benefits include one-on-one telephonic coaching from Certified Coaches combined with structured, online trainings. Coaching is delivered by Masters or Ph.D. level Coaches in scheduled telephonic coaching sessions to review key concepts of the trainings and implementation of skills. Coaches use a solution-focused approach to improve current and future performance.

Automated Digital Communications

Our ESI Employee Engagement Program includes employee digital communications to build and reinforce employee awareness of all Personal Coaching and Personal and Professional Training Benefits.

ESI’s proprietary Automated Digital Communications (ADC) system allows ESI EAP to engage in periodic e-mail communications. Utilization is the key to maximizing the effectiveness of your EAP by helping employees to resolve issues and distractions that hinder productivity. At ESI EAP, we achieve superior levels of utilization – more than double that of traditional EAPs – through regular communications about services and benefits.

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