Planning for Success in 2024!

“Goals are dreams with deadlines.” ― Diana Scharf 

When planning your new year, take a page from successful businesses. Winning organizations have a defined vision, purpose, and mission. Most also go through a disciplined year-end business wrap-up, summarizing how they did on goals, auditing inventories, analyzing budgets, and then using this information to establish goals, plans, and budgets for the coming year. Why not translate that process into the business of YOU?

First, when tackling a new year, it helps if you have a vision for your life plan. While it may be dynamic and change over time, having an underlying vision keeps you focused. Take the time to document your vision and create a personal mission statement. Your vision should be rooted in your interests, abilities, and values, and should point to your personal dreams and aspirations. Document it in a written statement or on a vision board.

Next, take a few minutes to conduct a brief inventory of your past year: What did you accomplish in 2023? What are you most proud of? What lessons did you learn?  What do you wish you had done better? Did you procrastinate? Did you stick to your values?

Finally, use this information to set goals for the coming year. Carry over any important goals that were incomplete in the prior year, and think about what you’d like to accomplish in various aspects of your life:

  • Work goals might be earning a degree or certificate, working towards a promotion, or learning to be a better manager.
  • Personal goals might be spending more time with family or friends, taking an exotic trip, or learning a new skill.
  • Health goals might be to exercise more, to eat a healthier diet, or scheduling regular medical checkups.  
  • Financial goals might include controlling spending, reducing debt, or saving towards a big goal, such as buying a house or planning for an early retirement.

Keep your goals realistic and achievable. There’s a good video lesson on goal setting in our “Trainings” below that can help. In addition to this and other training on goal setting, your EAP offers numerous personal coaching programs that can help you make progress on work/life goals for 2024.

    Warmest Holiday Wishes from your EAP Team!

    All of us at ESI Employee Assistance Group extend our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones for a season filled with good health, serenity, joy, and love. Stay safe and have a very happy holiday!

    We’ve loved helping our EAP members in 2023 and look forward to being there for you and your family in 2024! Whether it’s for problem solving, personal growth, or professional development, remember that our counselors, coaches, and training resources can help you on your journey. 

    December’s Featured Webinar

    Relaxation Rx – Simply log in to during December to take the webinar at your convenience and explore related resources. Check in next month for a new topic!

      December Training Picks! 

      Get ready for a new year by sharpening your work skills! Explore thousands of topics – below are just a few suggestions. Search for more by clicking on “Member Login” at When signed in, click on the comprehensive training library in the “Training Center.

      • NEW! Igniting Creativity: You Can Be Creative! | Course ID: SVL_102471
        This 6-minute video is the first in a series of 11 short video lessons meant to improve your mental agility and flexibility so you can succeed in today’s rapidly changing business world.
      • Using Emotional Intelligence | Course ID: SVL_102365
        This 53-minute video covers major components of Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, and relationship management. Take all lessons at once or in segments.
      • The Science of Happiness at Work: Set Goals That Ladder Up to Your Vision | Course ID: SVL_1021704
        This 10-minute video lesson walks you through goal setting. Learn to prioritize goals, set milestones, and create actionable to-do lists to reach your aspirations.

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