Fortune recently released its 100 best companies to work for 2010. We like this list because it is usually accompanied by company profiles and data that offer a window into what makes some of the most progressive companies great. It’s always worth spending a little time to note the best practice trends.
Among the companies that made the top 5 slots, there are two technology companies, two grocery store chains, and one investment advisor:

  • SAS, a software company, shot up from #20 to earn this year’s top honors. The company boasts a laundry list of strong benefits as well as a culture based on “trust between our employees and the company”
  • Edward Jones, investment advisor, held on to its #2 position. In a tough economy, didn’t lay off a single employee or close any of its 12,615 offices.
  • Wegmans groceries earned the #3 position on the list – it had been #5 last year. Incredible fact: Wegmans has never had a layoff in its 94-year history.
  • Search giant Google held on to its #4 position. Google is in hiring mode for 2010, too – it plans to add thousands of employees to its payroll this year.
  • Nugget Markets, another supermarket chain, was named as #5, having climbed form the 10th position last year. The company offered employees discounts on groceries to help in a tough economy.

We think one of the best features of the online list is the way that you can sort it. You can see the 22 companies that plan to be in hiring mode this year, view the 25 top paying companies, view the 10 with the best work-life balance, or see a list of the most unusual perks.
Best benefit perkfinder
The sorting tool we liked the best – and the one that we think could be most useful for HR managers – is the best benefit perkfinder.

  • 96 have gay-friendly policies (non-discrimination policies)
  • 84 offer telecommuting benefits (see list of 10 highest percentage of commuters)
  • 83 offer gay-friendly benefits (domestic partner benefits)
  • 81 offer a compressed work week
  • 72 have gym discounts
  • 69 offer an onsite gym
  • 68 offer job sharing
  • 32 offer onsite childcare (see list of 10 with the lowest monthly rates)
  • 19 offer fully paid sabbaticals (see list)
  • 14 offer fully paid healthcare (see list)

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