What’s in the cards for the coming year in the workplace? We offer a compilation of 2023 HR trends as predicted by Human Resource experts.

Topic experts making predictions about the future is an annual new year’s ritual, but certainly not a new one. In a Twitter thread, researcher and instructor at the University of Calgary Paul Fairie compiled a list of news reports from a century ago opining about the future. See  A List of Predictions Made in 1923 About 2023, or read or NPR’s summary: Here’s what 2023 has in store, as predicted by experts in 1923.

We carry on this tradition of looking to the future with a compilation of predictions by Human Resource experts on key trends and issues that will face HR leaders in 2023.

First up, the Gartner Group says that “HR leaders continue to face an unprecedented amount of disruption.” They conducted a survey of 800 HR leaders and identified 5 strategic initiatives HR leaders are prioritizing heading into 2023.

  • Leader and manager effectiveness – This is a priority for 60% of HR leaders, and 24% say their leadership development approach does not prepare leaders for the future of work.
  • Organizational design and change management – This is a top priority for 53% of HR leaders, and 45% say their employees are fatigued from all the change.
  • Employee experience – This is a top priority for 47% of HR leaders, and 44% believe their organizations do not have compelling career paths.
  • Recruiting – This is a top priority for 46% of HR leaders, and 36% say their sourcing strategies are insufficient for finding the skills they need.
  • Future of work – This is a top priority for 42% of HR leaders, and 43% say they do not have an explicit future of work strategy.

In other reports:

5 HR Trends That Will Shape the Future of Work in 2023 

  • Stronger Focus on Current Talent
  • More Employers Will Reimagine the Employee Experience
  • Employers Will Explore Using Different Employee Classifications
  • More Employers Will Opt for Maximum Flexibility
  • Companies Will Expand Automation

Top 5 Anticipated Human Resource Trends of 2023

  • Upskilling and Reskilling
  • Remote Work Will Continue to Grow in Preference and Necessity
  • Task Automation
  • Employee Well-Being Will Become Even More of a Priority
  • A New Generation of Workers to Understand

What are HR’s top 2023 priorities? – Human Resource Executive interviews four Chief Human Resource Officers about their priorities for the coming year, which include increased turnover, new demands for flexibility and an accelerated reliance on technology.

Top Workplace Trends For 2023

  • Workers continue to have leverage
  • Flexibility remains at the forefront
  • Workplace surveillance expands
  • Mental well-being gains importance
  • Pay transparency gathers momentum

8 HR Trends You’ll Likely See in 2023

  • Increased Focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Continuation of Hybrid and Remote Work
  • Boosting Employee Skills
  • Wellness-Focused Employee Benefits
  • Improvements in Company Culture and Engagement
  • Embracing New Technology

HR trends 2023: Melding humanity and hybrid work to retain top talent

  • The employee experience
  • A human approach to employee-manager relationships
  • Talent shortage
  • Contingent workers
  • Perfecting hybrid work
  • Employee visibility
  • Employee development
  • Driving employee engagement

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