The lifting of stay-at-home requirements and business shutdowns process is underway. Currently, it’s a patchwork quilt of openings, limited openings, and states still under stay-at-home rulings. Many governors have used the analogy that reopening will be more like a dimmer switch with gradations than an on/off switch. Most states are operating in phases, with business classes opening in stages.

This is new territory – we have never been here before so there are no explicit guidelines for employers or industry classes.   Familiarize yourself and comply with your state and local guidelines for reopening businesses.  Each state will vary, and in some cases, there will be different requirements even within the same state. There are numerous calculations and issues that each business will have to make and a variety of important issues to address. Is your business ready to open? Do you need to make physical modifications to keep staff and customers safe and to adhere to social distancing guidelines? Do you have safety and infection control measures and practices in place that will make your employees feel safe?

Your employees will require frequent communications and updates. Do you have an employee communication and notification plan in place? Will you bring all employees back to the workplace or will some continue working remotely? If the latter, how will you design a fair plan? How will you address their anxieties and fears? Will you check temperatures or conduct tests? What if an employee refuses to come back to work? Questions abound.

To help guide your planning and find answers to your questions, we’ve compiled resources and tools to help employers get the information they need with advice from experts on legal compliance, health, safety, and workforce management, along with resources to find state and federal regulations, tools, and guidance.

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