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Last month, we introduced more than 8,000 new, free personal & professional trainings. They are available in various formats from microlearning Video Lessons of 10 minutes or less to short, fun Interactive Videos with surveys, polls, quizzes, choose-your-own-path features, and more. For a deeper dive on key topics, try out eLearning of 30+ minutes or full Video Courses in a series of 10-minute to 15-minute segments.

Here’s a sampling of topics to get your exploration started:

Problem Solving Like a Pro • Finding Your Purpose • Safe Re-entry During COVID-19 • Overcoming Low Self Esteem • 7 Ways to Improve Your Memory • Find Your Focus When Times Are Tough • Conference Call Guidelines • Sunday Night Dread: Overcoming Burnout • Become a Blogger in 12 Easy Steps • Communication Toolkit: Humor at Work • Conflict Management Crash Course • Dealing with Toxic Coworkers • Programming for Absolute Beginners • Beware These Leadership Mistakes • Learning and Growing from Failure

Simply login to www.theEAP.com/TotalCare-EAP and click on the Employee & Family button. Sign in with your username and password, or REGISTER if this is your first-time logging in. When complete, click on the “Training Center” tile and lastly, click the “New & Improved Trainings” tile.

Relationship Matters

When a relationship with a life partner falters, it can throw everything else in life out of sync. For many, working and living at home together 24/7 has upset the balance and surfaced the fault lines in relationships. If you find yourself arguing more, feeling more frustrated, and questioning your relationship, your EAP can help.

Explore our many online resources for interpersonal and family relationships to learn how to productively manage disputes, improve communications and find resources for getting help if problems persist. And our counselors are available day and night. You can get telephonic or video relationship counseling from clinical professionals – 800.252.4555.

Summer Safety Toolkit

Find more health and safety tips in our online Wellness Center! www.theEAP.com/TotalCare-EAP 


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