We get questions!

Many people don’t take full advantage of their Employee Assistance benefit because they think it is just for “serious” problems. While we do indeed help people who grapple with serious life issues, we also help with everyday family, work and life choices. If something is weighing on your mind or taking up too much of your day, turn to your EAP. Here are examples of issues that people have sought help for.

Should I rent or buy? Whether looking at a new car or an apartment rental vs. purchase, people want to make wise financial decisions. Your online Financial Resource Center has hundreds of calculators, articles and tools to help you explore different financial scenarios for rent/buy, savings, debt, retirement, and other financial decisions.

Do I drink too much? We hear some variation of this question all the time. People often question their consumption after a scary drinking episode or when they’ve been criticized by a friend or family member. Our online Emotional Wellbeing resources let you confidentially take self-assessments and explore other resources on substance use. Of course, our counselors are also available by phone 24/7.

When should I take the car keys away from my elderly parent? Aging parent issues and all the related difficult decisions are a worry for many of our Members. Explore our online library of aging and eldercare issues in our online Caregiver Resources or talk to a counselor to get help at key decision points. We can help you find community resources and information on medical and home care needs.

We get questions!

Can I get out of my apartment lease? Consumer problems are an ongoing source of headaches for our Members. If you are having a problem with your landlord or feel entangled in some other lease, you can explore consumer rights in our extensive legal library, which includes information on landlord and tenant issues as well as many other consumer and creditor issues. Our counselors can also refer you to an attorney, should you need one.

How do I find the best daycare? That’s an easy one – use our popular Child Care Locator to explore daycare centers, education options, special needs and adoption resources in your area. We also have an Elder Care Locator, plus many online resources to help you make the right decisions.

How can I get promoted? Our Members think to the future! Your EAP has tools for getting along better with your boss and courses to hone your management skills. Whatever your career goals, we can help you succeed on the job. Check out our free online trainings or save on degree programs. Your Personal Training & Development Benefit offers dozens of free courses online 24/7.

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