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Get healthy, Get fit

Nothing is as important in life as good health, yet all too often, we humans have a tendency is to take shortcuts in diet, in exercise, and in a lifestyle that fosters good health. And there are other factors that can chip away at good health – such as smoking, stress, and inactivity.

Whether our members are looking to make some changes due to doctor’s orders or simply because they want to look and feel better, we have an array of tools to help them.

  • Start is with a health risk appraisal which offers a benchmark in where improvements are needed.
  • You and your family members can access to a free nutrition assessment, as well as discounts for personal Nutrition Coach and comprehensive nutrition counseling and planning.
  • Get discounts on popular weight loss programs – such as savings of up to 50% on Jenny Craig, and discounted gym memberships.
  • Get discounts to smoking cessation programs
  • Talk with experienced counselors to make a plan for addressing substance abuse issues.
  • Access to an extensive self-help library of health and wellness tools, calculators and articles on virtually every health issue and condition.