Updated: January 2024

if you’re going to spend about 24 years of your life sleeping, why not learn how to do it right?

Did you know that getting too much sleep can be almost as damaging to your health as too little sleep?

We knew that because we learned it in one of our favorite videos on the topic: How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need?

In the video, we learned that, on average, a person spends about 24 years of their life sleeping! While we could all probably figure that out, many of us may not have thought to add it all up! While that sounds like a lot, it makes sense when you consider the vitally important role that sleep plays in maintaining and replenishing our physical and our mental health. Too little sleep means that you are not performing at your best – but even more significantly, consistently short-changing your sleep can increase your health risk for heart disease, obesity and diabetes. And studies point to the fact that too much sleep can also pose similar health risks.

ASAP Science talks about how much sleep you need and how lack of sleep affects performance in a quick and compelling video.

Also see  How to Fall Asleep Fast and Sleep Better – an excellent article that provides detailed tips,  iThe article also contains links to many other helpful resources – a few we liked: The Best Foods To Help You Sleep and tips for the 50+ crowd on how to sleep well


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