According to an August online survey of 2,424 American adults, when asked about what they fear the most, here are some of the responses:

  • 16% – being in a plane crash
  • 13% – snake bites
  • 5% – being hit by lightning
  • 5% – getting a disease
  • 4% – a shark attack

The survey was conducted by the American Diabetes Association to drive home the point that our fears are often disconnected from the real threats in our lives. Last year, 491 deaths related to commercial aviation accidents occurred, while diabetes contributed to 233,619 deaths in 2005.
November is American Diabetes Month, an event that is worth noting in every corporate wellness program throughout the nation. More than 24 million Americans or 7.8% of the population suffer from diabetes, and it is estimated that another 5.7 million are simply undiagnosed. Since 1987 the death rate due to diabetes has increased by 45%, while the death rates due to heart disease, stroke, and cancer have declined.
For those with diabetes, the American Diabetes Association suggests that keeping blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol in control can make a difference in reducing risk for heart attack or stroke and annual dilated eye exams; routine foot exams and blood pressure checks can prevent blindness, amputations, heart disease, kidney disease, and strokes.
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