In the U.S., the rate of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hypertension is galloping away – and our killer American diet is also one of our big exports to other parts of the world. But there’s hope. In this short TED talk, author and founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute Dr. Dean Ornish talks about how lifestyle change can have an enormous impact in curbing these illnesses – even reversing some of the ill effects of poor diet. He says:

“Heart and blood vessel diseases still kill more people — not only in this country, but also worldwide — than everything else combined, and yet it’s completely preventable for almost everybody. It’s not only preventable; it’s actually reversible. And for the last almost 29 years, we’ve been able to show that by simply changing diet and lifestyle, using these very high-tech, expensive, state-of-the-art measures to prove how powerful these very simple and low-tech and low-cost interventions can be like — quantitative arteriography, before and after a year, and cardiac PET scans.”

Dr. Ornish’s TED biography notes:

“His research at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute (the nonprofit he founded) clinically demonstrated that cardiovascular illnesses — and, most recently prostate cancer — can be treated and even reversed through diet and exercise. These findings (once thought to be physiologically implausible) have been widely chronicled in the US media, including Newsweek, for which Ornish writes a column. “


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