Want to learn the sure-fire diet for losing a quick 20 pounds?

You and the rest of the world! Every year, 100 million people turn to the $20 billion diet industry to try to shed those 10 or 20 extra pounds quickly. There’s no shortage of magic diets, celebrity weight loss plans, pills, nutritional supplements and more “sure-fire” ways to lose that weight. But here’s the problem: Studies show that boomerang diets don’t work and can often be dangerous. See our prior post Weight loss is hard: Study of The Biggest Losers reveals why for more about what researchers have learned about why weight loss is so difficult.

So how can you achieve your weight loss goals?

Our best advice – and our philosophy –  is that slow and steady is the best method. Small, incremental changes that become part of your daily routine yield better results than jumping on and off the perpetual diet roller coaster. One approach we recommend is nutrition counseling. A nutrition coach can work with you to understand your health situation, your lifestyle, and your personal goals, and to customize a plan that is right for you – whether it’s to shed a few pounds to look and feel better or to make substantial behavior changes in your routine to deal with diabetes, heart disease, or some other health condition.

Nutrition counselors understand the challenges and obstacles that you’ll face and can help you to work around or overcome those challenges. Nutrition coaching can also offer the education, resources, inspiration and support to help you develop healthy eating patterns focused on a good balance of nutrient-dense, energy-boosting foods. A balanced diet can also enhance your energy by keeping blood sugar levels on an even keel. The focus is on long-term change rather than quick fixes.

And let’s face it, here’s one other reason why nutrition coaching can work: left to our own devices, it is easy to get discouraged or succumb to a momentary temptation – that’s just human nature. A nutrition coach can keep you focused, motivated and accountable, providing that additional gentle push to keep you on track.


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