Did you make any health & wellness resolutions for the new Year? If so, you’re not alone. Last year, according to consumer research guru Neilsen, “stay fit and healthy” topped the charts of the most common resolutions, followed in the #2 spot by “lose weight.” Improvements in health and fitness are perennial resolutions that recur year to year.

Maybe part of the reason they surface every year is that it’s hard to stick to a goal. By a month into the new year, about 45% of people have already dropped it. People have good intentions but have trouble following through: about two-thirds of all gym memberships go unused.

What’s the best way to stay motivated and stick to those health & wellness resolutions? This short video talks about The Science Of Motivation. It discusses whether or not money is a good carrot to help us stick to our goals. Learn about “the distraction effect,” the “what the hell” rule and how play can be a strong motivator.

e have another suggestion. When you set a goal, it can be helpful to have a Coach. Athletes and performers know this and they seek out the services of experts. If you’re a Member of TotalCare Wellness, why not call a Coach to help you make a concrete plan for your 2016 health and wellness goals. Our coaches can help you plan a nutrition and fitness regime tailored to your goals and can also help with stress, smoking cessation, weight loss and reducing reliance on alcohol or drugs.

If you haven’t set any health goals yet, here are a few ideas.


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