May is Bike Month – a great way to get back in shape after the winter. And Bike to Work Week falls on May 11-15, with Bike to Work Day on May 15. There are so many good reasons to support and encourage employees to bike to work. It’s a safe, low impact aerobic activity that can bolster your wellness program and yield health benefits for your work force. And switching from fuel-powered commuting to human-powered commuting is good for the environment. Oh, and did we mention that it’s fun? There are many more reasons for your employees to start biking now.













Become a bike-friendly workplace

To help support Bike Month 2015, we’ve compiled some employer-focused resources:

The League of American Bicyclists has excellent resources to put you on the path of becoming a bicycle-friendly business. They offer a handy guide outlining the attributes of a bicycle friendly business that includes tips, resources and ideas. They also offer many free resources to help you promote Bike Month – posters, web resources, and ideas for Bike Month events.

Here’s a good How-To Guide for Companies Looking to Encourage Bike Commuters. And at, Caitlin Dorsey offers Ten Ways to Make Your Business Bike-Friendly. It’s worth reading her full suggestions, but we’ve summarized her pointers here:

1. Install bicycle racks in front of your business.
2. Participate in Bike-to-Work Week.
3. Offer cyclist discounts.
4. Keep a “loaner” lock on hand.
5. Use bicycle couriers.
6. Offer safe cycling training for employees.
7. Guarantee emergency rides home.
8. Make space available inside your workplace for bicycle parking.
9. Shower facilities.
10. Cash or in-kind incentives for bicyclists.


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