Even if the weather doesn’t always cooperate, March is the month that ushers in Spring.  The days get longer, the sun gets stronger, and our thoughts turn to the day when we can pack our winter clothing away.  We’ve compiled a list of key dates and events in March that you can use in your employee communications. We’ve included a list of links with helpful resources from event sponsors or topical experts.

National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month is sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. At their EatRight site, get tools and facts. We like their ready to copy and post social media messages.  They also offer the following week-by-week tips.

Week 1: Eat with the environment in mind.

  •     Enjoy more plant-based meals and snacks.
  •     Purchase foods with minimal packaging.
  •     Buy foods in season and shop locally when possible.
  •     Start a container or backyard garden to grow food at home.

Week 2: See a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).

  •     Ask your doctor for a referral to an RDN.
  •     Find an RDN who specializes in your unique needs.
  •     Learn how nutrient needs may change with age.
  •     Receive personalized nutrition information to meet your health goals

Week 3: Stay nourished and save money.

  •     Plan your meals and snacks.
  •     See what food you have at home before purchasing more.
  •     Use a grocery list and shop sales when purchasing food.
  •     Learn about community resources such as SNAP, WIC and local food banks.

Week 4: Eat a variety of foods from all food groups.

  •     Include your favorite cultural foods and traditions.
  •     Eat foods in various forms including fresh, frozen, canned and dried.
  •     Avoid fad diets that promote unnecessary restrictions.
  •     Practice gratitude for your body by giving it the fuel it needs.

Week 5: Make tasty foods at home.

  •     Learn cooking and meal preparation skills.
  •     Try new flavors and foods from around the world.
  •     Find creative ways to use leftovers rather than tossing them.
  •     Create happy memories by eating with friends and family when possible.


We’d add the note that EAP members can reach out to a Nutrition Coach for one-to-one telephonic coaching.

Women’s History Month

Learn more about Women’s History Month through a  major new online research guide – American Women: A Guide to Women’s History Resources at the Library of Congress – highlights hundreds of sources that tell the stories of women through a wide variety of perspectives and media in the Library of Congress collections. The guide’s comprehensive coverage includes historic and contemporary audio and video files, posters, photographs, magazines, sheet music, maps, manuscripts and rare books, as well as government documents and legislation. The topical essays highlight such themes as the Equal Rights Amendment, Patriotism, and Suffrage.

March 12th – Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday, March 12, 2023, at 2:00 A.M. At this time, we “spring forward” one hour! Yankee Magazine has information about the history of Daylight Savings, including the ongoing push by farmers and others to eliminate this practice.

March 12th-18th – National Sleep Awareness Week 

 National Sleep Awareness Week is sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation, which features a blog with a range of topics related to sleep health. Learn more about Sleep and Sleep Disorders from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Also see How to Sleep Better from the Help Guide.

March 19th-25th – National Poison Prevention Week

America’s Poison Centers sponsor Poison Prevention Week to raise awareness of poison prevention and safety. Topics range from from medications and household cleaners to stings and bites. Keep the Poison Help line (1-800-222-1222) number in a handy place.  …

ESI EAP Member Website theme for the month of March

In March, the member website theme is Caring for the Caregiver. Resources include a webinar and relevant content. EAP members can login at the home page:  www.theEAP.com.

Other noteworthy March events:


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