July is eye injury prevention month. Eye injuries occur at a rate of more than 2,000 per day, with half of those occurring on the job. Prevent Blindness offers fact sheets for home, sports, and the workplace, and OSHA offers information on eye protection. Also related to eye safety, July is UV Safety Month. Medem’s medical library offers several articles on protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays.
July is hemochromatosis awareness month. Hemochromatosis is a leading cause of iron overload disease. People with HHC absorb extra amounts of iron from the daily diet. The human body cannot rid itself of extra iron so, over time, these excesses build up in major organs such as the heart, liver, pancreas, joints and pituitary. If the extra iron is not removed, these organs can become diseased.
While not officially designated as such, we also nominate July as heat awareness month because extreme heat can pose serious health risks both at work and at home. Stay cool.
And speaking of staying cool, we would also like to note that July is national ice cream month. File this fact under “stress reduction.”


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