Want to cut calories and eat a healthier diet? We offer concrete tips to kick off your new year in a healthy way.

We don’t believe in diet fads – hopping on and off the latest “nutrition” craze can actually hurt your weight loss goals, not help. (see Weight loss is hard: Study of The Biggest Losers reveals why.) Instead, we are all about making small, incremental changes in diet and exercise to lower your calories in and raise your calories out – the true secret to better health. In that vein, we liked this article from MedlinePlus: 10 concrete tips for cutting 500 calories a day. We’ve listed the tips – click the link for more info about how to do this.

  • Swap your snack.
  • Cut one high-calorie treat.
  • DO NOT drink your calories
  • Skip seconds.
  • Make low calorie substitutions.
  • Ask for a doggie bag.
  • Just say “no” to fried food.
  • Build a thinner pizza.
  • Use a plate.
  • Avoid alcohol.

Great tips – we thought we’d add a few tips that we favor that can also help with cutting calories

It’s not just about calories in – it’s also about calories burned.


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