We’re happy to see that our recent post on the ACA Cadillac Tax was featured in a recent edition of Health Wonk Review, hosted by Joe Paduda at Managed Care Matters. The edition appeared in two parts see Part 1 – Health Wonk Review’s overflowing cornucopia!

As we’ve noted, Health Wonk Review is a biweekly digest of posts from health care policy experts on a variety of topics, so a good way for employers and those interested in healthcare issues to keep up-to-date on emerging issues, such as developments with the ACA, technology, managed care and insurance. It is issued every two weeks and is hosted by different bloggers each edition so it is a good way to be introduced to new blogs, too. Case in point: Joe, the current host is a respected blogger that has been in operation since 2004, focusing on topics surrounding managed care, such as group health, workers compensation, health care cost containment, health policy, health research, and medical news. It’s aimed at insurers, employers, and healthcare providers.


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