Chris McKinney of HR Lawyer’s Blog posts about a plaintiff who recently won a discrimination lawsuit against the Library of Congress. Marcia McCormack of The Examiner had more details on Schroer v. Billington. McCormack writes that, “The court held that the discrimination on the basis of gender identity is literally discrimination on the basis of sex and it is also discrimination on the basis of failing to conform to sex stereotypes, both prohibited by Title VII.”
In a related story appearing in The Ledger, Slowly, Companies Embracing Transgender Employees, Lisa Belkin writes:

Across the country, particularly at larger companies, transgender workers are being protected and assisted in ways that were hardly imaginable a few years ago.

Currently, 125 of the Fortune 500 companies include “gender identity” in their nondiscrimination policies, compared with “close to zero” in 2002, according to Jillian T. Weiss, an associate professor of law and society at Ramapo College of New Jersey, and an expert on transgender workplace diversity.

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