Recently, we conducted a flash poll of our blog readers to see which human resource issues are most troubling to their organizations.
When asked to rate ten issues as to “what kept them up at nights,” respondents cited healthcare costs (61%) as their top concern. This was followed by employee retention (43%), workplace safety (42%) and employee productivity (38%) to round out the top four issues.
When asked if their organization had a plan for changes with the Affordable Care Act, 68% said yes, 32% said no. When asked if they personally had enough knowledge about the Affordable Care Act to talk to their employees, 66% said no, with only 34% saying yes.
In unaided awareness, respondents were asked to list their most pressing human resource concerns. Responses were categorized as:

  • 30% – employee disciplinary and management issues (conflict resolution, terminations, morale, personal problems, training,)
  • 22% – healthcare costs, healthcare issues and the Affordable Care Act
  • 16% – retention, recruitment, succession planning
  • 15% – compliance issues such as FMLA, ADA, discrimination, workers’ compensation
  • 10% – budget issues: benefit costs, budget cuts, doing more with less.

Our survey was issued to our blog readers who signed up to get email notifications. The majority of these are employer clients of ESI Employee Assistance Program. More than 200 Human Resource managers completed the survey. Of the participating respondents, 61% were from organizations with fewer than 250 employees, 24% had between 251 and 1000 employees, and 15% of the respondents were from organizations with more than 1000 employees.

If you have something that’s keeping you up at nights, we can help. When complex Human Resource issues arise, ESI EAP offers member employers direct access to Certified Senior Professionals in Human Resources (SPHR) and senior clinical counselors. If you need an Employee Assistance Program give us a call: 800-535-4841.


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