Forbes has declared that 2014 is the year that social HR matters, citing a recent survey in which Millennials say that a prospective employer’s online reputation matters as much as the job it offers. Jeanne Meister writes about seven social media trends to watch over the course of the year, “as organizations leverage all forms of social collaboration to re-imagine how they source, develop and engage employees.”
In another look at how HR is leveraging social media, we present an infographic based on an HR Trends survey conducted by BLR’s HR Daily Advisor and sponsored by SuccessFactors. In the survey, HR professionals also share information regarding their current practices for retention and engagement, formal programs for tracking and development, and HR metrics. Click here for a larger version and to access the survey.
BLR's 2013 Social Media Infographic

BLR’s 2013 Social Media Infographic: By

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