Deloitte recently released the findings of its global survey of more than 2,500 business and HR leaders from 90+ countries –one of the largest talent management surveys of its kind:
Global Human Capital Trends 2014: Engaging the 21st-century workforce

Among other things, one of the survey’s key objectives was to take the business world’s pulse post-economic recession. The findings point to a variety of factors that are changing the landscape for business, and by extension, for HR:

  • Technology is leading to hyper-connectivity and dramatic new ways of working
  • Demographic shifts are leading us to a global and multi-generational workforce
  • There is an explosion of mobile, social and cloud usage
  • A very active regulatory and political environment is changing the world

Here are some of the key findings and challenges that the Deloitte survey revealed:
This is an important report that we can’t do justice in summarizing here. Deloitte offers many tools and media options to allow you to explore the report in greater depth.
Report dashboards “let you explore some of the primary “whats” (survey results) and “whos” (respondent demographics) in ways most meaningful for you. Click through each one for insights to help guide your human capital agenda for the coming year.”
Global Trends Infographic
Top 10 findings – review online or download a PDF
Dowload the report app
1 hour webcast reviewing top trends
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