If you have January 16, 2009 circled on your calendar and you are trying to remember why, Hr Daily Advisor has a reminder: be sure you are ready for F-Day.
Friday, January 16 is the day the new FMLA changes go into effect and the changes create a new set of obligations for those employers that are subject to FMLA regulations. FMLA applies to:

  • public agencies, including state, local and federal employers, local education agencies (schools)
  • private-sector employers who employed 50 or more employees in 20 or more workweeks in the current or preceding calendar year and who and engaged in commerce or in any industry or activity affecting commerce – including joint employers and successors of covered employees.

CCH posts a helpful rundown of revised posters and forms. They note that every employer covered by the FMLA is required to post and keep posted on its premises, in conspicuous places where employees are employed, a notice explaining the FMLA’s provisions. (PDF of revised poster)
If you want to go right to the source, visit the Department of Labor’s web page and resources on Revised Final Regulations Under the Family and Medical Leave Act


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