It’s been nearly a year since our last FMLA Update so we thought we’d weigh in with tools tips and expert opinions.

Big news was that the Department of Labor issued new FMLA notices and medical certification forms in the Spring. They are good through May 31, 2018. Other big issues this year were the extension of same-sex benefits and guidance on pregnancy discrimination from the EEOC.

Our primary go-to resource on FMLA is employment law attorney Jeff Nowak’s FMLA Insights blog. Here are some of his key posts this year, which he says is :

First, he points us to “a valuable FMLA reference for HR professionals and employment attorneys” – the American Bar Association’s Federal Labor Standards Legislation Committee annual report that compiles significant FMLA federal decisions from the prior year. He links to the report, which is available in PDF

Same-sex issues related to FMLA

EEOC Guidance

FMLA Administration

Other articles that caught our eye:

State Laws and regulations

Federal Resources


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