Year end is a time for a look back and a look ahead. For a good wrap-up of major work-related stories of 2008, Human Resource Executive offers The Year in Review, which helpfully links back to the original stories. compiled a list of Naughtiest and Nicest CEOs of 2008.
And for a look in the “how not to do things” department, HR Blunders offers their list of the top 10 HR blunders of 2008. In a similar vein, see The Globe and Mail’s The office awards 2008.
For a pictorial review of news events in the year, see’s year in review from The Big Picture: Part 1, part 2 and part 3. It’s not specifically work-related in focus, but pretty awesome nonetheless.
With 2008 nearly over, many are looking at how to do things better in 2009. Here are a few lists that we found noteworthy:
Gloria Ju of HR Soapbox offers HR resolutions for 2009 aimed at keeping you on the right side of the legal tracks.
Reliable Plant weighs in with their list of top 10 professional resolutions for the new year.
With the lines between work life and home life converging, journalist Judy Martin offers her top 10 work-life resolutions for 2009.
Everyone is feeling effects of the bad economy to a greater or a lesser degree. In Financial Resolutions and retirement resolutions, personal finance experts weigh in on getting your financial house in order by reducing your spending and planning for your short- and long-term financial goals.
Susan M. Heathfield of’s Human Resources offers her top ten resolutions for the new year. We should note that we are still working on her excellent list of resolutions for 2008
Forbes offers a pictorial slide show of New Year’s resolutions for CEOs. These tend to focus on large company CEOs.
Business guru Tom Peters reflects on the business meltdown and offers “back to the basics” advice for going forward.
Green Options suggests five smart and fast office resolutions to help your organization be more environmentally responsible in 2009.
If your resolve for change is failing, you might check out 10 reasons to design a better corporate culture an excerpt from The Ownership Quotient, a book by Harvard Business School professors Jim Heskett and Earl Sasser and coauthor Joe Wheeler. Thanks to Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership for the pointer.


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