Social media done right – Wondering how your company can harness social media in its communication efforts? Jason Corsello of The Human Capitalist points us to this example of a company that is an innovator in social collaboration.
Bosses – Susan M. Heathfield of Human Resources Blog offers a post highlighting one of her reader’s comments about
micro-managers. See other thoughts on bad bosses elicited from reader comments after a poll on the topic. And while on the topic of bosses: Corporate Wellness Insights weighs in with thoughts on three effective management styles. And Wally Bock of Three Star Leadership Blog reminds bosses everywhere that now is not the time to hunker down – the times demand leaders who are leading from the front.
Telecommuting – Jim Ware of The Future of Work Weblog considers the question of whether telecommuting is dangerous for your future in today’s economic times – does the out-of-sight-out-of-mind principle apply, or is it a useful alternative to layoffs. He links to a roundup of recent stories on telecommuting in the business press.
FMLA compliance – The folks over at Suits in the Workplace have been doing a superb job posting about new FMLA regulations – they are midway into a 5-part series.
Part 1: Employer Notice Requirements – New FMLA Regs
Part 2: Employee Notice Requirements – the Bright Side
Part 3: The Certification and Recertification Process: The Who? The What? & The When?
In upcoming postings, they will cover the topics of military caregiver leave and qualifying exigency leave.
Job descriptionsHR Daily Advisor offers some excellent advice on job descriptions in two recent postings: Non-Prejudicial Language for ADA Job Descriptions and ‘Other Duties as Assigned’ Won’t Cut It in 2009
Identity TheftConsumer Insurance Blog reports on a recent study on identity theft. The bad news: it’s on the rise. The good news? The per incidence cost is decreasing. The study also showed that most compromised data is due to low-tech methods, such as lost or stolen wallets, checkbooks, and credit and debit cards.
TrainingThoughts from Training Time posts about the good, the bad, and the ugly in recent news reports that cover employee training issues.
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