NY public sector employers, take note – Diane Pfadenhauer of Strategic HR Lawyer covers the essentials of the New York Workplace Violence Prevention Law which affects public sector employers in New York State beginning on March 7, 2007. The Law is designed “to ensure that the risk of workplace assaults and homicides are regularly evaluated by public employers and that workplace violence protection programs are implemented to prevent and minimize the hazard to public employees.”
Happiness pays off – Thanks to The Chief Happiness Officer for pointing us to a BBC article which discusses the importance of happiness at work: “Forget salary, location, prospects – happiness is the new weapon in the drive to recruit the best and brightest new workers.” In an accompanying chart, the article lists the 10 things that make us happy at work:

  • Friendly supportive colleagues
  • Enjoyable work
  • Good boss or manager
  • Good work/life balance
  • Varied work
  • Doing something worthwhile
  • Making a difference
  • Part of a successful team
  • Achievements recognised
  • Competitive salary

Is the pendulum swinging? – Michael W. Fox of Jottings By An Employer’s Lawyer notes that long-time employement law practitioners know that how the law is interpreted tends to swing back and one forth from one side to another just like a pendulum, and cites examples that he has recently noted that would indicate this swing is in progress.
Buckle up – According to a recent national survey by Yahoo HotJobs, employers could be in for a bumpy ride this year. In an online survey of 5,331 workers, 45 percent of the participants indicated they plan to change jobs in 2007. Only about one-third were so satisfied with their current position they were not expecting to look.(via The HR Lawyer’s Blog).
By the numbers
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