Occupational Hazards reports on proposed legislation that would bolster employee health and company savings. The Healthy Workforce Act, introduced by cosponsors Senators Tom Harkin and Gordon Smith, would provide a 10-year tax credit of up to $200 per employee to businesses that offer robust wellness programs. Programs would need to include such components as “health awareness programs and health risk assessments, behavior change programs, meaningful incentives for program participation and an employee committee that tailors programs to meet workforce needs.”
Chief Happiness Officer thinks that “Constant complaining in the workplace is toxic. It can drain the happiness, motivation, creativity and fun from a whole company. Wherever it’s going on it must be addressed and handled properly.” He offers the top 10 reasons why constant complaining is so toxic in the workplace.
Lou Michaels of Suits in the Workplace discusses recent case law that illustrates that at least when it comes to pay scales, inconsistency is a hobgoblin.
Is your state overweight? MSN offers a state-by-state comparative time line based on data from the CDC that dramatically depicts the rising tide of obesity. The chart is accompanied by a 4-part series on fighting obesity, with articles on how to change the trend. This might be a good information to share with your employees.
Workplace Prof Blog points us to new minimum wage posters in English, Spanish and Chinese. Thanks, Prof!
Ever wonder how your income stacks up in the great scheme of things? Find out how rich you are on the global rich list.


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