Gambling at work – Some seasonal sports activities generate a spike in workplace gambling. BLR features an article on the dangers of NCAA tournament pools that suggests some ways that a company might harness these pools more productively. Thanks to Strategic HR Lawyer for the pointer.
It’s about time – Thinking about flextime? If so, you might enjoy this case study about how Best Buy is rethinking the time clock. Under a program called Rowe (results-only work environment) workers set their own schedules. The program has been a whopping success at the corporate headquarters, where 60% of the employees participate and productivity has soared by 35%. Best Buy is about to roll the program out to its retail operations, hoping to make a dent in one of the industry’s greatest Achilles’ heal, high turnover.
By the numbers – “Do your employees do their best when you’re not around? Do they make a beeline to get in on your team? Do they go that extra mile to do that task more efficiently without being asked? Do they have nice things to say about you, even when you’re not within earshot?” Business Intelligence Lowdown offers 73 surefire tips on how to be a manager that your employees respect. If you have a large tech work force, here are 8 things intelligent people, geeks and nerds need to work happily. And conversely, here’s a list of 50+ ways a manager can get employees to quit that were compiled by an IT manager who polled colleagues about the things a former manager did to demotivate his team.
Legal matters – Chris McKinney of HR Lawyer’s Blog posts about a a million dollar ADA verdict recently levied against DuPont. It might be a good time to review employer responsibilities under the ADA. Also timely, Labor and Employment Law Blog has a pertinent post: Frequently Asked Questions About Reasonable Accommodation.
New blog discovery – Check out Suits in the Workplace – an employment law blog by attorneys Lou Michels and Rod Satterwhite. Lots of interesting items, from a recent post about E-mail policies potentially opening the door to union activity to the latest on computer privacy in the workplace.
Who are you? – Susan Heatherfield asks and answers the question What Does a Human Resources Manager, Generalist, or Director Do?. Roles vary depending on the size and maturity of an organization – from benefits manager and employee advocate to strategic partner and change champion. Susan offers a good general overview of common responsibilities, a discussion of the emerging role of HR managers, and links to many related resources.
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