Joseph Grenny of Crucial Skills teams up with his HR Manager to offer tips for handling a prickly issue: Addressing Inappropriate Work Attire
If your budget is tight this year – and whose isn’t? – it may threaten to tank any holiday celebrations. Roy Sanderson of MANAGEsmarter offers 10 ideas for saving the holiday party.
Fionna Gathwright of Corporate Wellness Insights suggests tips of staying healthy during the holidays. Also see holiday health tips from The Monster Blog.
Workforce reports on two recent surveys that track employee discontent. The upshot? People are expressing frustration. In a a survey of 904 workers in North America by advisory firm Right Management, 60% of those surveyed said they intend to leave their firms as the economy improves. In a survey of 1,627 employed executives by consulting firm Finnegan Mackenzie and business network ExecuNet, more than 50% said they are looking for a new job.
Susan M. Heathfield of Human Resource explores what causes employee negativity. She also offers links to posts on tips and cures for negativity. Go weigh in with your opinion of what causes negativity in her reader poll.
HR Daily Advisor offers the reminder that how you treat employees in their time of greatest personal need can have an impact on their overall attitude to their employment: Bereavement Leave Can Make or Break Employee Loyalty
Mark Toth of Manpower Employment Blog tell us that ICE recently announced it is targeting 1,000 employers to audit hiring records for compliance with employment eligibility requirements. He offers employer tips and links to resources to ensure compliance.
From violating fair wage and labor laws to sending threatening, obscenity-laden e-mails to the workforce, it seems like the NYC eateries could use some refreshers in basic HR. In our bad-employers-of-the-week category, see this Village Voice article on When restaurants behave badly (Note: objectionable language alert for this article).


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