Free Harvard Business Review in April – Thanks to Wally Bock’s Three Star Leadership Blog for alerting us that Harvard Business Review is free during the month of April. He also reminds us that even if you don’t have a subscription, it’s worth checking back because there are a few feature-length articles available free each month.
Unpopular employees – The Chief Happiness Officer responds to a query about how to deal with unpopular employees – and he responds with a good question … how did the situation manage to get that bad and why hadn’t a manager dealt with the employee before it reached such an impasse? He notes that because one unhappy, unproductive employee can pull down the whole department , sometimes you have to send that worker packing. While we wouldn’t disagree, we would suggest trying your EAP first – it’s amazing how many employees can be restored when they identify and deal with problems that are at the root of performance issues.
FMLA – George Lenard at George’s Employment Blawg has an excellent two part post on FMLA. Part one focuses on military family leave rights and in part two, he offers a summary of proposed revisions to regulations. The latter are in a
“notice-and-comment” stage of an open rulemaking process.
Bullying – Tara-Parker Pope of the New York Times Well blog discusses a recent research study which suggests that workplace bullying may be tougher on employees than harassment: “The researchers found that workplace aggression had severe consequences on employee well-being. Compared to employees who had been sexually harassed, bullied workers were more likely to quit their jobs, be less happy with their work and have less satisfying relations with their bosses. Bullied employees also were more likely to report job stress and be less committed to their jobs.” She follows this post up with a second post featuring a Workplace Aggression Research Questionnaire. Also, see Erica Mauter of Race in the Workplace who also writes about the bullying study, noting that there are legal remedies for sexual harassment, while bullying can be more insidious.
Employee retentionTraining Time cites a recent SHRM survey to discuss reasons why employees leave your organization. The main reason? Employees don’t see opportunities for advancement at their current employer.
Sample HR letters – Susan Healtherfield of’s Human Resources offers sample letters for common HR events such as job offers and employee recognition. She also links to other resources, such as sample policies, checklists, and forms. These can be great starter tools to provide a framework for developing customized letters and policies.


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