Extreme work – Chris McKinney of HR Lawyers’ Blog discusses the the dangers inherent in a culture of extreme work.
Discrimination researchWorkplace Prof Blog calls our attention to a disturbing study that finds skin-tone prejudice against darker-skinned legal immigrants.

“Light-skinned immigrants in the United States make more money on average than those with darker complexions, and the chief reason appears to be discrimination, a researcher says.

Joni Hersch, a law and economics professor at Vanderbilt University, looked at a government survey of 2,084 legal immigrants to the United States from around the world and found that those with the lightest skin earned an average of 8 percent to 15 percent more than similar immigrants with much darker skin.

“On average, being one shade lighter has about the same effect as having an additional year of education,” Hersch said.”

OSHA logs – Diane Pfadenhauer of Strategic HR Lawyer reminds us not to forget to post OSHA 300 logs, a requirement as of February 1. She provides a link to the form.
Working at home – Jon Coppelman of Workers Comp Insider discusses recent class action suits by home-based workers alleging that the arrangement violate basic employment laws. Jon makes the point that there is a difference between an independent contractor and a home-based employee, and suggest employers ensure that their status is clarified.
Declining union membership – According to a recently released Department of Labor report, union membership fell by 12.5 percent in 2006, a decrease of more than 300,000 members. In 2006, 12.0 percent of employed wage and salary workers were union members.
Work environments – Many think that a greener workplace can be a healthier and more productive place to work – as well as good news for the bottom line. Wondering where to start? How to Green Your Work offers tips, ideas, and resources.
Pet peeves – Workers ask for help dealing with irritating co-worker behaviors.
How to deal with a loud-mouthed coworker.
My bookkeeper stinks!! Bad!!
Stopping a non-stop talker
My co-worker poisons the office


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