Sweet news – If your wellness efforts led you to replace all the candy in your vending machines with more healthful choices such as yogurt, nuts and granola, you may want to rethink that decision. A recent study issued at the American Association for the Advancement of Science demonstrates that eating chocolate might sharpen up the mind and give a short-term boost to cognitive skills. Study results also show that cocoa flavanols found in chocolate might also offer vascular and heart benefits and help in reducing the effects of aging.
There’s one in every crowd – Forbes asks an important workplace question: Are You An A$&*@^? In her article, Tara Weiss discusses people who go beyond mere jerkiness into a realm of meanness and cruelty that brings the whole office down and evokes strong feelings of dislike and disdain. She interviews author Robert Sutton, a professor at Stanford University who wrote the book The No A——- Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn’t. Read the interview and then take the quiz to find out if you are an A$&*@^. Related: How one bad apple can create a toxic team
Handling terminations – We believe that with the right intervention by a good EAP, most employees can be salvaged, but occasionally, things just don’t work out. Once that decision is made, your focus needs to switch to not why you are doing it, but how. A mismanaged termination can lead to problems and lawsuits. George Kittredge of Labor and Employment Law offers suggestion on how to handle an employee termination
Briefs – Attorney Jacqueline McManus discusses the Benefits of Employee Handbooks in the Montery Herald. The Chief Happiness Officer offers Five weeeeeeeeird tips for great meetings. Scientific American: Employers urged to plan for flu pandemic.


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